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Classic Decoder is the solution to check any VIN Number for auction history and its status. Our database consists off over 2 million active auctions worldwide at any given time. Every VIN Number checked on Classic Decoder contains detailed information about the auction.

Never Buy a Vehicle without an Auction VIN Check Verification!

Auctions are well known places to find deals online for used vehicles in the United States, Canada, Europe and worldwide. Using our Auction VIN Service, you can be certain and accurate up to date auction history on any vehicle. We are the industry’s standard when it comes to Auction data and vehicle history information. Our goal is to empower our customers to obtain up to date information on the VIN numbers they search. The Auction VIN service works for all types of VIN Numbers!

Every VIN Number checked on Classic Decoder contains detailed information about the auction such as:

Auction status
Current Bid or Sold for $ amount
Selling entity (insurance, auction, government)
Date of Auction
Location of Auction
Previous auction history and listings
Every auction report provides valuable information on the VIN number
  • 10+ images on every VIN Number
  • Odometer or mileage records
  • Does the vehicle drive? In working condition?
  • Does the engine start of the vehicle? (picture proof)
  • Does the vehicle have keys?
  • Condition of vehicle (clean, salvage, junk)
  • Description of damages (water damage, chemical, fire, vandalism)
  • Notes of the vehicle from auction or previous owner
  • Technical specifications
  • Market Value of the vehicle and estimated retail value
Check as many VINs as you desire
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Auction History & Photos

A groundbreaking feature that is unique to our VIN Check service is to get up to date Auction history and data including detailed photos from the interior, exterior and engine of the vehicle. Confirm vital information such as if the vehicle starts, if it is in running condition, the damages and repair costs involved and more. Never be surprised again by a vehicle with a hidden past!

Specifications & Features

Every VIN lookup contains detailed specifications which include options & features specific down to the trim level on every VIN check. Valuable information such as MPG estimates, horsepower, warranty information, safety features, and custom packages and add-ons.

Recalls & Warranty Information

Verify if there is warranty coverage left on the vehicle searched. Find out more about the warranty the manufacturer supports on every VIN lookup. Important recalls can be viewed and their corrective action on what must be done to ensure the vehicle is safe.

Service & Maintenance History

Quickly access the service and maintenance history of any vehicle and learn if the vehicle was well maintained, or one that has never been to a repair or service in its lifetime. Never purchase a vehicle again without verifying vital information.

  • Service history records
  • Maintenance and repairs records
  • Emissions inspections
  • Safety inspections
  • Registration
  • Loan/Lien verifications
  • Dealer Inspections
  • Odometer records from government agencies or auctions
Window Stickers

Window Stickers list the vehicle's standard equipment, including mechanical, performance information, safety features, factor options and packages, MSRP, engine and transmission specifications, standard features, interior features and fuel economy. See an example of a Window Sticker and how you can customize one of your needs or business!

Market value and analysis

Get important market value and history information on the vehicle you search. Each report gives you market averages based on years of data helping our customers understand the true value of the vehicle.

Upcoming Maintenance & Services

Everytime you purchase a vehicle report you get completely free access to upcoming maintenance and service history on the vehicle. Simply enter your vehicle’s current mileage and learn about important repairs and fixes that must be done

Some basic feature you get from the Auction VIN Checks

Confirm the condition of the vehicle

Does it start, Engine, Keys, Title information, Location of auction


Our photos include Interior, Exterior, Engine details, Odometer

Title & Condition history

Damages and what is wrong, Notes and Information from the auction or buyer, Details on the damages and estimates on the repairs.

Listing Information & History

Is the auction still active? Sold? Pending? Where is the auction listed and city state? Where is the buyer's country? How much was it sold for ?

Case Study (look what our clients found)

We saved customers thousands of dollars by not buy a severely damaged vehicle.

How it Works

Auction VIN Checks is easy to use and Can be done in 3 simple steps

STEP 01: Fill the Information to Create your Account
STEP 02: Choose your Payment Method and make the Payment
STEP 03: Login your Members Area and Use your unlimited Auction VIN Checks

Frequently Asked Questions

The auction VIN check service is a flat rate of $39.99 USD monthly. We allow customers the freedom to pay in their local currency. This is a flat monthly rate which can be cancelled at any time.
If the vehicle has auction history and data then certainly photos will be available. Each report includes upto 10+ images which show the interior, exterior and engine of the vehicle.
Yes, every auction vin check service contains important and vital information that any buyer would want to know about the vehicle. You can find important information such as
  • Confirm if the vehicle RUNS and Drives
  • Confirm if the vehicle engine is in working condition
  • Confirm if the vehicle has keys
  • Confirm if the auction is “Active” - “Pending” - “Sold”
  • Confirm the location of the vehicle
  • Confirm how much the current bid is or how much the vehicle was sold for
  • Confirm the buyer’s country of the vehicle
  • Confirm the auction date, type and location
  • Confirm previous listing history and how many bids and offers
  • Confirm the title information of the vehicle (salvage, clean, damaged, hail, fire, water) along with details of damages and special notes on the vehicle
  • Confirm the technical specifications of the vehicle
  • Confirm the mileage of the vehicle
  • Confirm the interior, exterior and all angles of the vehicle with 10+ images
  • Confirm comparable vehicles for price and sales history
There is absolutely no commitment for our service and you are free to cancel at any time without any penalties. Our prices are simple, a flat $39.99 USD monthly to access an unlimited number of reports and data.
(*Note: This information is available when present on the vehicle)